Survey on Covid-19 and access to content

We are looking to establish the extent to which individuals and organisations have encountered problems in getting access to, or disseminating, information and learning resources during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following the closure of library buildings in March, academics, students, and professionals have had to rely almost exclusively on digital access to learning and research materials. Although the lifting of lockdown restrictions have resulted in the reopening of library buildings, the continued spread of the virus makes future restrictions likely.

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Access to learning and research materials

LACA wishes to establish the extent to which access to learning and research materials may have been restricted due to copyright and licensing frameworks currently in place within the UK.

We want to know whether, with lockdown rules in place, students and researchers struggled to access information likely to be of use in their studies or research. We also want to understand how the law may have prevented educators and researchers from widely disseminating the electronic resources their students required.

With this in mind, LACA has prepared a survey to assess the extent to which access to content has been restricted by copyright and licensing frameworks during the pandemic, and whether current legislation offers possible ways to help. We will use the information gained from this survey to inform and support its advocacy efforts in the coming months on behalf of the library and archive communities.

We invite you to complete this short questionnaire in an individual capacity.

Please complete this by Friday 30th October 2020.

Your response will be anonymous by default, but please, if possible, give us your contact details, especially if you have any lengthy comments.

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