Orphan Works survey with the University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh and LACA are running a survey until 8 January 2021 to collect data about how GLAMs (Galleries, Libraries, Museums and Archives) in the UK believe leaving the EU will impact on their management of orphan works.

Orphan works are works in copyright where the rights holders are either unknown or cannot be traced.

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The objectives of this survey are to:

  • Provide data about the quantity, types and uses of orphan works in GLAM collections prior to the UK leaving the EU;
  • Understand how GLAMs are currently managing orphan works;
  • Understand whether GLAMs are using the EU Orphan Works Exception, risk management or otherwise;
  • Understand how GLAMs envisage leaving the EU will impact upon their management of copyright works, including orphan works. 

The data collected from this survey, which is anonymous, will be used for further research, evaluation and analysis. It will also create an important evidence base for possible lobbying for future legislative change.

The survey is open until 8 January 2021