About us

LACA, the UK Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance lobbies in the UK and Europe about copyright and related rights on behalf of its member organisations and UK users of copyright works through library, archive and information services.

Mission statement and key objectives

LACA advocates for a fair and balanced copyright framework which respects the rights of copyright holders whilst placing equal value on the importance of users’ liberties. In particular, LACA’s aims are:

  • To be active and effective in promoting, advocating and lobbying on behalf of our members.
  • To raise and maintain awareness about copyright and licensing in the library, archive and information sectors.
  • To work with colleagues internationally to bring about a harmonised legislative framework, effective for the digital age, that facilitates cross-border working.
  • To collaborate with the UK’s education and cultural heritage sector to encourage a joined-up approach.

LACA is a member of Copyright for Creativity, a broad-based initiative of European civil society, libraries, industry and creators that seeks an informed debate on how copyright can more effectively support innovation, access and creativity for all Europeans. LACA collaborates closely with IFLA: the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions and EBLIDA: the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations on copyright issues.


LACA’s constitution was last revised in 2022.