Cookie policy

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Cookies are small files installed by websites on your browser. They can be used to enhance the functionality of the site, e.g. to display external elements quicker, to remember your preferences… Cookies may also be used to gather information about your Internet browsing.

Cookies on the LACA website

The domains listed below may install the following cookies on your browser when you visit our website.

    • DYNSRV – necessary for our website host to manage server traffic. Expires when the browsing session ends;
    • catAccCookies – placed when you click “I am aware of this” on our cookie banner, so it doesn’t appear again. Expires after 30 days.
  • – Twitter feed;
    • lang – used to store language preferences. Expires when the browsing session ends.
  • – social sharing buttons;
    • __cfduid – necessary to speed up page load times. Expires after 1 year;
    • uvc – expires after 24 hours.

Cookies good practice

Some cookies are necessary for the website to work; others may be used by third-parties to collect information about your browsing. As a rule, we would recommend that you:

  • regularly clear the cookies in your browser;
  • enable Do Not Track in your browser (AddToAny, the social sharing buttons we use on this website, does comply with Do Not Track requests);
  • use a tracker blocker such as Privacy Badger.