Technical review of draft legislation on copyright exceptions

LACA’s review of the detail of the draft legislation implementing changes to copyright exceptions.

(August 2013)


In 2012 the Government consulted on making changes to copyright exceptions so that the UK’s copyright framework remains relevant to the digital world. In “Modernising Copyright”, the Government’s response to the consultation, it committed to giving everyone an opportunity to comment on the detail of the draft legislation implementing these changes.

LACA’s response

LACA’s initial response, submitted in July 2013, reviewed seven exceptions:

  • private copying;
  • parody;
  • quotation;
  • public administration;
  • new Exception for Data Analysis for Non-commercial Research;
  • amendments to Exceptions for Education;
  • amendments to Exceptions for Research, Libraries and Archives.

The lack of provision to prevent contractual override in the new ss.37 and 41 was covered in a supplementary response.

Exceptions for people with disabilities

In August 2013 LACA responded to the technical review of draft legislation on copyright exceptions for people with disabilities.

The draft regulations extend the existing exceptions for visually impaired people to cover all impairments that prevent a person from accessing and making use of all types of copyright work on an equal basis to non-disabled people.