Copyright poster

A free copyright poster and accompanying guidance on copying.

Image of the copyright poster

Revised poster

In 2014 much needed reforms of UK copyright law were implemented. LACA and CILIP have produced a free poster that libraries are encouraged to download and display close to copying equipment and in other prominent locations. 

The poster’s purpose is to raise awareness of copyright law, to provide some straightforward information and to signpost people to further information and advice. It is deliberately brief and uses simple terms so that it will be understood by a broad audience.

Welsh language versions of the poster are also available to download.

Copyright poster briefing document

We have also produced a briefing document to accompany the poster.  This briefing provides more detail about the copying that is now permissible under UK law.  It is aimed predominately at library staff.

Further guidance

Further information about the 2014 copyright law reforms and what they mean in practice can be found on our Changes to UK copyright law page.